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American Historical Figures

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Adams, Sam

Sam Adams was the leading advocate of the Committee of Correspondence in 1772. He spread propaganda and information through a system of passing pamphlets and letters to other people. Was a part of the Sons of Liberty who led the Boston Tea Party.


Allen, Ethan

Ethan Allen was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys. Helped Benedict Arnold capture Fort Tichonderoga on May 10, 1775.

Ethan Allen

Arnold, Benedict

General for the Continental Army. Led the attempt to take Quebec and Montreal. Later traded sides and is considered the most famous American traitor.


Attucks, Crispus

Killed in the Boston Massacre. Used to be a slave but was free when he was killed.



Burgoyne, John


A British general in the American Revolution, in 1776 was part of a three prong attack that was going to end the war along with Barry St. Leger and William Howe from New York. He was going to attack from Canada, and go to Albany. Burgoyne also captured Fort Ticonderoga in July 1777. At Saratoga Burgoyne surrendered to General Horatio Gates after recieving no help and tried to retreat to Canada, but was caught.


Carver, John

John Carver
He arranged for financial backing for the Mayflower. He was also the first governor of the Plymouth Colony.

Cornwallis, Charles

General Charles Cornwallis fought for the British. He started fighting in the south and won at the Battle of Cowpens. Cornwallis fought at the Battle of Yorktown and lost against the Colonist and French armies and surrendered. During the surrender ceremony he sent another man to represent him instead of going there himself to greet Washington.


Gage, Thomas

Thomas Gage was a British General who faught at the Bunker hill he won, but ordered his men to attack three times. He eventually won after the colonists ran out of ammunition.

Thomas Gage

George Grenville

George Grenville
George Grenville (14 October 1712 - 13 November 1770), was a British Whig statesman who served in government for the relatively short period of seven years, reaching the position of Prime Minister of Great Britain. Also, he was the financial adviser for the British during the Revolutionary War.


Hamilton, Alexander

Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton spent much time studying the arguments of the sons of liberty. he went to the boston tea party and knew a revolution was on its way. when war broke out, he was well respected and therefore made one of washington's aides. he stayed with washington for many years. during this time, he played a key role at valley forge: he was a french interpreter. he was present at many of washington's victories. when the americans won the war, he was appointed the first secretary of state, along side washington.

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