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  • What is Moodle?

    It’s an acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment.

    In plain English, it’s an online classroom management system that can be used to create online courses or used as part of a blended-classroom (part online, part face—to-face).  Moodle is especially useful for interactive and collaborative activities.


    • What is a Wiki?

      Everyone knows what Wikipedia is...

      Well, a wiki is the concept upon which Wikipedia is based.  In other words, it's a collaborative document that multiple users can contribute to and edit.

      It can be used as a tool that allows students to brainstorm.  Since the action in the Wiki is tracked, you can see who contributed what, and when.

      Try adding something to the WIKI

    • Moodle Video

      Here's another explanation of Moodle.

    • Glossary

      Add a word (or two) to the glossary.  Then play the Hangman game.  Your word may or may not be the word selected.

    • Let's Try a Forum

      Forums are great for discussions.   Everyone can have the chance to start a topic and everyone can have a chance to respond to a topic.


      Time for a short quiz.   Can you get a perfect score?

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