Topic outline

  • Math Topics

    Welcome to the Math Topics Moodle!  Please feel free to browse through the open topics. Make sure to read through all of the material.  Make sure that you use the correct formatting and ways to post your assignments.  Posted deadlines are expected to be followed.  Make sure that you check this class Moodle site daily for new information.  Have fun!

  • Models of Probability, Monte Carlo Problems, Random Integer, Dice, Cards, Coins

    In this week we will analyze how to test certain outcomes by use of probability models.  As a class we will be discussing which model works best for each situation. 

  • Computations, Permutaions and Factorials

    This week will be based upon determining how many outcomes are possible.  Each method is slightly different in nature.  Students will learn about the differences between the three types and will be asked to decide which one works best for the given situation.

  • Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Chi Square

    The main point of this week is to be able to interpret data.  The students will learn what each method is used for and they will be asked to choose which method would be preferred for different situations.

  • Box and Whisker Plots, Bar Graphs, Histograms, and Stem and Leaf Plots

    Students will be able to use different forms of analyzing data.  Students will be able to determine which graph or plot would be the best to use to display the data in the form of a graph.

  • Sine, Cosine, Tangent, 30-60-90 Triangles, 45-45-90 Triangles, Pythagorean Theorem

    Trigonometry is a tough subject.  In this week we will be learning about trigonometric ratios that exist in similar right triangles.  The students will learn about specific ratios that exist in unique triangles as well.

  • Unit Circle, Radians, Arc Length, Area of Sectors

    This week will be a very challenging week for many students.  They will need to learn a new unit of measurement for angles called radians.  This is very difficult for many to understand.  They will be able to calculate problems using radians and will be able to convert units from degrees to radians and vice versa.

  • Game Theory, Prisoner’s Dilemma, Presidential Selections, NFL Coaching Decisions

    This week is a good week to end the course on.  It will include some interesting discussions about game theory choices.  Game theory is unique in the sense that you need to analyze what your best option is.  In many ways, your best option isn’t always the option that you should choose.