Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Moodle Orientation.  This class was created for all new users of Moodle to demonstrate how to login to Moodle, select a class, and participate in a few activities.  You may be enrolled in several Moodle classes, depending on your grade level, and the courses you are taking.

    • Topic 1


      There are several different kinds of discussions.  Practice participating in a discussion by clicking on the discussion activity below.  Read the discussion topic.  Think of your response.  Then click on the Reply button located below the discussion topic and keyboard your response in the text box. Click on Post when you are finished keying your response.

    • Topic 2


      The checklist activity allows a teacher to provide a checklist for you to check off items for an activity or assignment.  Checklists can be very helpful to you and the teacher to determine what you have left to do.

      Complete the checklist activity below.

    • Topic 3


      Resources can be digital files (such as a worksheet) or video, a link to a website or video, etc.

      • Topic 4


        Assignments are usually something you will submit by attaching a document you create in another program.

        • Topic 5

          Tests and Quizzes

          Some teachers may create tests and quizzes in Moodle.  If they do, you would complete the test or quiz online.