Topic outline

  • To work with the equation editor:

    1. Log in to this course with your Moodle user name and password. Look in the upper right area of this page and click on

    2. Once logged in, look again in the upper right corner of this page. Click on

    3. Select a "Play area" below and click on the word edit   Then click on "edit settings

    4. This will open the Atto Editor. In the editor click on this icon to "show more buttons."

    5. Click on the insert character icon  to see what it offers.

    6. Click on the equation editor icon  Explore the tabs 

    7. Create equation(s)

    8. Be sure to save your equation(s) 

    9. Now that you are back on the main page, click on 

    10. How does/do the equation(s) look?

    11. When you are finished trying things out please go back into the play area and make comments below your equation(s). 

    12. Questions? Call Neil Johnson 715-720-2127 or email me at