Weekly outline

  • Overview

    Welcome to English 10!  Throughout this course, you will continually develop and build skills pertaining to the four areas of literacy:  writing, reading, speaking, and listening.  In English 10, we will read, explore, and respond to pieces of literature from all around the world.  We will also review grammar and vocabulary that you will encounter on the ACT next year as juniors.  We will be using the Moodle page mainly for submitting assignments, but I will also post additional/helpful resources and extended learning opportunities.  Check back frequently for updates and information. 

    • Week 1: September 1 - September 2

      This week we will be reviewing rules and expectations for the English classroom.  We will also be talking about the Independent Reading Project at length. 

    • Week 2: September 6 - September 9

      This week we will be covering information regarding the Critical Response assignment you will complete two times each quarter (I will only require one response during the first quarter).  We will spend time reviewing the structure of an essay and how to write a solid thesis statement.  All the documents I gave you in class are also in the folder below. I have also included a link that takes you to a virtual essay organizer (ReadWriteThink.org).  This is another great tool to use when you're organizing your essay.  

      On Friday, I will introduce your first vocabulary unit.  It is important to study and review vocabulary outside of class in order to be successful. Sadlier, the company that publishes the vocabulary books, has a supplemental website with resources to help you study.  Visit the link and select the appropriate level in order to get started.  

    • Week 3: September 12 - September 16

      This week we will begin our unit on The Ancient Middle East.  Students will read a general introduction to the time period and take notes on the terms associated with the reading.  Students will also be introduced to the Epic Hero and the Hero's Journey before they start reading excerpts from The Epic of Gilgamesh.  Students will also watch a TED Talk video in which Pat Soloman explains the significance of the Hero's Journey in our own lives.  

      Reminder:  Students have a vocabulary quiz over Unit 1 on Friday.  Please use the resources posted last week to study for this quiz.  I have attached a couple additional resources to help review vocabulary.  For the vocabtest.com resource, please note that some word lists may differ slightly from your student's list, just because the vocabulary lists in the Sadlier books has changed over the years.  The virtual word web resource helps students visualize synonyms for vocabulary words.  

    • Week 4: September 19 - September 23

      Students will continue to read and discuss Egyptian poetry this week.  Students will also read excerpts from the Old Testament as they learn about Hebrew literature.  They will make connections between archetypes in the Epic of Gilgamesh and Genesis.  Students will then read several versions of the Flood story, a common story in many cultures.  

      Students will be introduced to Unit 2 of the vocabulary workbook.  Again, it is important for students to study vocabulary outside of class in order to be successful.  Please use previously posted resources (weeks 2 and 3) to help review vocabulary.  

      I have opened up an optional assignment this week.  For students dissatisfied with their previous Moodle Practice scores, you may submit a corrected document of the same assignment in the drop box below.  Refer to the assignment for due dates and information.  

    • Week 5: September 26 - September 30

      Happy Homecoming!  This week we will wrap up the unit on Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Hebrew literature.  Students have a test scheduled for Tuesday, September 27th.  Students have received the review information sheet, but if they have misplaced it, I have posted it below.  We will dive into Ancient Greek and Roman Literature starting on Wednesday, September 28th.  

      Students have their vocabulary quiz covering Unit 2 on Thursday (because of the Homecoming schedule).  Remember that it is important to study for vocabulary outside of class in order to be successful.  

      Reminder: Project Proposals are due by Wednesday, October 5th.  Proposal guidelines are listed in the Independent Reading Project documents, but if you would like to see examples, ask Ms. Schmit to see the proposal binder.  

      I have also posted the assignment folder for Critical Response #1; this assignment is listed under Week 9.  If students have finished this assignment, they are free to turn it in.  We will have a couple workshop days before the due date, but I strongly encourage students to get started on this assignment as soon as possible.  They may then use the workshop days to clean up drafts or have other students take a look at them.  If students feel good about their critical response essays, they may turn them in and use the workshop days to work on their Independent Reading Projects.  

    • Week 6: October 3 - October 7

      This week, students will be introduced to several concepts before they begin reading parts of The Odyssey.  I will introduce information about epic poetry and we will revisit the concept of archetypes.  Students will also review various gods and goddesses from Greek and Roman mythology.  This review will help students recognize the gods and goddesses as they appear in the reading.  Students will do a reading about the Trojan War, an excerpt from Mythology by Edith Hamilton.  Students should take notes on this reading; the notes may then be used to take the quiz on Monday, October 10th.  A bonus to students who are checking Moodle:  An outline of the notes is provided below.  You may print them off and bring them in for the quiz.   

      Students will be assigned Unit 3 of the vocabulary workbook on Friday, October 7th; this assignment is due on Monday, October 10th.  

    • Week 7: October 10 - October 14

      This week, students will take a quiz over the Trojan War in Greek Mythology.  Review reading and take notes, as notes are allowed on the quiz.  Students will then begin reading Books 17 and 18 of The Odyssey.  Students will also view clips pertaining to the reading from the film adaptation of The Odyssey.  

      Students should begin working on the Critical Response assignment, if they have not already.  This assignment is due by 11:55 on Friday, October 28th.  (See Week 2 for assignment rubric and guidelines)  

      On Friday, students will take Unit 3 Vocabulary Quiz.  If students are absent, they must set up a time to take the quiz.  

      • Week 8: October 17 - October 21

        Students will continue to review Books 17 and 18 of The Odyssey.  Students will begin to read Books 19 and 20 as a class.  

        Students will get some work time this week to continue to work on the Critical Response assignment, due on October 28th.  They will also work on presenting the Book Talk assignment (guidelines listed in Week 1 under Independent Reading Project Documents).  

        • Week 9: October 24 - October 28

          This week, students will continue to talk about Books 19 and 20.  We will also talk about indirect and direct characterization and how characterization is utilized in The Odyssey.  Students will watch several clips pertaining to The Odyssey.  Students will receive one more work day to wrap up the Critical Response assignment.  Ms. Schmit will check in with each student to make sure they're making progress on this assignment.  

          Students will take the Vocabulary Units 1-3 Test on Friday, October 28th.  It is important to review and study these words outside of class in order to be successful.  

          I have posted the Critical Response #1 submission folder below.  Please follow the guidelines for assignment submission. The assignment is due by 11:55 on Friday, October 28th.  Please let Ms. Schmit know ahead of time if you have issues uploading this assignment.  

        • Week 10: October 31 - November 4

          The end of the quarter is on Friday, November 4th.  

          Final projects are due on Thursday, November 3rd.  It is extremely important that students turn in these assignments on time, as they will be on the first quarter grade report.  They will receive work time on Tuesday, November 1st to work on these projects.  

          Students will finish up reading The Odyssey this week.  They will wrap up discussing the text next week and then work into lyric poetry and Roman literature.  

          Unit 4 vocabulary will be introduced to students this week.  They will take a quiz over the unit next Thursday, November 10th (note the date change here--students normally take quizzes on Fridays).  

          • Week 11: November 7 - November 11

            Students will wrap up The Odyssey this week.  We will also review the Critical Response and how to improve on the next paper.  

            The assignment folder for Quarter 2 Project Proposal is posted under Week 16.  The document should be correctly formatted and saved.  The assignment is due by 11:55 pm on December 16th.  

            • Week 12: November 14 - November 18

              Students will continue to wrap up The Odyssey this week.  We will work our way into lyric poetry, focusing on Sappho's work.  Sappho's poetry focuses primarily on her relationship with her daughter. Students can expect a test on Roman and Greek literature on November 22nd (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break).  The review materials are posted below.  

            • Week 13: November 21 - November 22

              Students will review for the Greek Literature Test on Monday.  They will then take the test on Tuesday, November 22.  Please come in during Resource time if you would like additional study and review time for the test.  Refer to the review posted in Week 12 for test format and additional information.  

              Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  

              • Week 14: November 28 - December 2

                Welcome back!  I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving break.  This week we will begin discussing introduction materials to literature from India.  We will primarily discuss the Indus Valley and prominent religions to that culture.  Students will then read a small piece of the Bhagavad-Gita, which translates to "Song of the Lord."  When discussing literature in various cultures, it is important to remember that religion has been a major influence on various pieces of art and literature throughout history.  It would be impossible to talk about literature without also touching on the religious themes.  For this reason, I want to remind everyone to remain mature throughout the moments when religion does come into play.  

                I have posted the background notes we will be discussing in class on November 28.  You are welcome to print the notes and add to them as we work our way through the background material.  

              • Week 15: December 5 - December 9

                This week, we will begin our novel unit on Siddhartha.  Siddhartha is the story of a young man who has grown dissatisfied with his life as a Brahmin.  He sets off in search of Nirvana, which is a Buddhist belief that means "to end suffering."  Nirvana is a state of perfection.  

                We will be reading this novel in class, as we only have about twenty-four copies of the text.  Students should follow along closely and make notes as we read.  Students will receive a quiz over the reading every couple of chapters.  The quiz will not only be an overview of the reading, but also the important concepts we discuss in class.  This week, we will cover "The Son of the Brahmin" and "With the Samanas," the first two chapters in Siddhartha.  Students will have guiding questions to complete as we read.  

                Students will have a quiz over unit 5 vocabulary on Friday, December 9.  After the quiz, students will be introduced to unit 6.  Unit 6 vocabulary pages will be due on Monday, December 12.  

              • Week 16: December 12 - December 16

                Students will continue to read Siddhartha, the story of a young Brahmin in search of Nirvana.  We will complete "Gotama" and "Awakening" this week, which concludes Part I of the text.  Students should focus on the major themes in these chapters; how is individualism illustrated?  We may work our way into "Kamala," which the beginning of Part II.  In Part II, it is important to note that there is a shift in Siddhartha's journey.  He begins to succumb to the physical world, which is what he was trying to avoid in Part I.  Consider why Siddhartha changes his purpose as you read this particular section.  

                Students will be introduced to unit 5 vocab; they will take a quiz over the words on Friday, December 16.  

                Listed below is the Project Proposal assignment for Quarter 2.  Please refer to Week 1 for assignment specifics.  The assignment should be saved as follows: last name_due date (Schmit_Dec16)

              • Week 17: December 19 - December 23

                This week, we will continue reading Siddhartha.  We will read "Kamala" and "With the Childlike People," two chapters that deal with Siddhartha's adventures in the material world.  Students will have a quiz over these two chapters on Wednesday, December 21.  

                Students will take a test over vocabulary units 4-6 on Thursday, December 22.  

                • Week 18: January 3 - January 6

                  Students will continue reading Siddhartha, focusing on Siddhartha's relationship with Kamala and Kamaswami. Upcoming due dates are posted below.

                  • Cornell Quotes are due by Friday, January 6th.  
                  • Book Talks are due by Friday, January 13th.  
                  • Critical Responses are due by 11:55 pm on Friday, January 13th through Moodle.  
                  • Final reading projects are due by the date of final exam, as the project will function as their final.  
                • Week 19: January 9 - January 13

                  Students will continue to read Siddhartha, focusing on how Siddhartha has submersed himself in the world of material living.  As a class, we will discuss allegorical meaning in the text.  Students will complete "Samsara," which is the name given to the endless cycle of acquiring and losing material possessions.     

                  I have posted the assignment folder for Critical Response #2 below.  Please correctly format and name your document.  This assignment is due by 11:55 on Friday, January 13.  

                • Week 20: January 16 - January 20

                  Students should be finishing up final projects.  4th and 6th Hours will present on Wednesday, January 17th.  

                  • Week 21: January 23 - January 27

                    Students will work with Unit 7 of the vocabulary workbooks.  They will have a quiz over the vocabulary on Friday, January 27.  

                    Students will also practice outlining a sample paper to understand the structure of a five-paragraph essay.  Once they have finished with this practice, they will outline their last Critical Responses in order to make sure their papers are aligning with this structure.  

                  • Week 22: January 30 - February 3

                    Students will work with vocabulary from Unit 8 this week.  There will be a quiz over this vocabulary on Friday, February 3.  

                    Students will continue to work with outlines.  They will begin to revise drafts and should be prepared for a peer revision workshop on Thursday, February 2.  This is a process that might take several days.  

                    • Week 23: February 6 - February 10

                      Students will work with vocabulary from Unit 9 this week.  There will be a quiz on Thursday, February 9 over the vocabulary (students do not have school on Friday).  

                      Students will continue to workshop their drafts.  

                      • Week 24: February 13 - February 17

                        Students will be introduced to a persuasive writing assignment this week.  They will get an overview of Badgerlink and other resources available through the library.  As students research, they should be taking notes on what information they gather from each resource--this will make creation of the bibliography a little easier.  

                        There will be a test over Units 7 - 9 on Friday, February 17.  

                      • Week 25: February 20 - February 24

                        Students should continue to work on research for the persuasive writing assignment.  The due date for the annotated bibliography has been extended to Tuesday, February 28.  There will be a folder under Week 26 for that particular assignment; please see the handout on annotated bibliographies for formatting and information.  

                        Students will be introduced to vocabulary from Unit 10--there will be a test over the words on Friday, February 24.  

                        Project proposals for third quarter are due by 11:55 pm on Friday, February 24.  The assignment folder for this particular assignment has been posted below.  

                      • Week 26: February 27 - March 3

                        Students should be finishing up their annotated bibliographies for the persuasive writing assignment.  If each student has been taking adequate notes on what information he or she is finding in each source, the annotated bibliography should be pretty painless to complete. Please make sure you're formatting your annotated bibliography like the example in your writing packet.  

                        Once students have finished gathering and taking notes on sources, they may begin the outlining process.  

                        The annotated bibliography assignment due date has been extended--due to the Snow Day until Thursday, March 2.  Please upload the assignment below.  

                      • Week 27: March 6 - March 10

                        Students will be introduced to vocabulary from Unit 11.  There will be a quiz over the words on Friday, March 10.  

                        Students should begin working on their persuasive essay outlines.  Once they outline their papers and receive feedback from Ms. Schmit, they may begin working on first drafts.  

                        • Week 28: March 13 - March 17

                          Students should be working on first drafts this week.  Incorporating all sources from research should be a focus.  

                          If a draft is completed early, turn it in to Ms. Schmit for feedback.  Students may then begin working on a final draft.  

                          • Week 29: March 19 - March 24

                            Students should be finishing up final projects and first drafts this week.  Students will present their final projects on Friday, March 24.  

                            • Week 30: March 27 - March 31

                              Unit 12 vocabulary will be introduced on Monday, March 27.  There will be a quiz over the words on Friday, March 31.  

                              We will wrap up the persuasive essay assignment this week.  Students will work on final drafts on Tuesday and Wednesday--once finished, upload to the folder below.  Be sure to properly save and format document.  A works cited should also be attached to the final draft.  

                              On Thursday, Julius Caesar materials will be introduced--including terms and history.  

                            • Week 31: April 3 - April 7

                              Students should upload the Works Cited for the Research Speeches to the folder provided below.  Only one member of each group needs to upload the Works Cited document.  Make sure you properly save and format the Works Cited.  This assignment should be uploaded before presentation on Wednesday, April 5.  

                            • Week 32: April 10 - April 13

                              Students will present Research Speeches this week.  Please remember to upload Works Cited (under Week 31) into Moodle folder.  Please also remember to save presentation in the M Drive under English 10.  

                              Students will finish up background information on Shakespeare/Elizabethan Theatre on Thursday, April 13.  

                              Have a great Spring / Easter Break!  

                              • Week 33: April 18 - April 21

                                Vocabulary from Unit 13 of the workbooks will be introduced on Tuesday, April 18th.  There will be a quiz over the words on Friday, April 21st.  

                                Students will be given some notes on the background of Julius Caesar on Wednesday, April 19th.  The notes are provided below for anyone who missed class.  Students will be expected to know this information for the unit test.  Reading of the play will begin on Thursday, April 20th.  

                                • Week 34: April 24 - April 28

                                  Vocabulary from Unit 14 will be introduced on Monday, April 24th.  There will be a quiz over the words on Thursday, April 27th.  

                                  Students will begin reading Act II of Julius Caesar this week.  Students are expected to pay attention as we discuss the play in class.  There is a character map the students need to fill out as they read.  This will be due upon completion of Act II.  

                                  • Week 35: May 1 - May 5

                                    Students will continue to work their way through Julius Caesar. 

                                    Project proposals for 4th quarter are due on Friday, May 5 by 11:55 pm.  Please remember to properly format and save document.