Weekly outline

  • Overview

    Welcome to English 11!  Throughout this course, you will continually develop and build skills pertaining to the fours areas of literacy:  writing, reading, speaking, and listening.  In English 11, we will read, explore, and respond to British Literature texts from various authors and eras.  We will also cover material you will see on the ACT in the spring.  We will be using the Moodle page mainly for submitting assignments, but I will also post additional/helpful resources and extended learning opportunities.  Check back frequently for updates and information. 

    • Week 1: September 1 - September 2

      This week we will cover rules and expectations for the English classroom, which have been modified quite extensively from the previous year.  We will also talk about the Independent Reading Project at length. 

    • Week 2: September 6 - September 9

      This week we will cover expectations and guidelines for the Critical Response assignment that you will complete two times each quarter (I will only require one response for the first quarter).  In the folder you will find all the handouts I gave to the class that will help you complete your response assignment.  I have also included a link to ReadWriteThink.org, where you will find a virtual essay organizer.  

      On Friday we will begin the first vocabulary unit.  It is important to review and study vocabulary outside of class in order to be successful. Sadlier, the company that publishes our vocabulary books, has a supplemental website with resources to help you study vocabulary.  Visit the link and click on the appropriate level to get started.  

    • Week 3: September 12 - September 16

      Students will be introduced to the Anglo-Saxons this week.  On Tuesday, we will begin discussing the Hero's Cycle, an important "road map" in many pieces of literature.  This is especially pertinent to the study of Beowulf, where students will see the pattern emerge.  After learning about the Hero Cycle, students will watch a TED Talk video in which Pat Soloman discusses the importance of the Hero's Journey in our own lives. On Thursday, students will be given an anticipation guide to Beowulf; they will begin reading the Epic upon completion of this activity.  Students should finish sections 1-7 by Monday (21-30 in textbook).  

      Reminder:  Students have a vocabulary quiz over Unit 1 on Friday.  Please use the resources posted last week to study for this quiz.  I have attached a couple additional resource to help students review.  For the vocabtest.com resource, please note that some word lists may differ slightly from your student's list, just because the vocabulary lists in the Sadlier books has changed over the years.  The virtual word web resource helps students visualize synonyms for vocabulary words.  

    • Week 4: September 19 - September 23

      This week, we will begin reading Beowulf.  We will read many of the selections in class, but some reading may be assigned outside of class. Please stay on top of the reading; there may be quizzes following an assigned reading.  As you read, pay attention to the aspects of the text that interest you.  You may want to focus on one of these areas and write your first Critical Response on the topic.  I will outline some Critical Response prompt ideas before we begin reading.  

      You will also be introduced to Unit 2 of your vocabulary books.  Again, it is important to study for these quizzes outside of class in order to be successful.  Please refer to the resources I have posted previously.  

      I have opened up an optional assignment this week.  If you were dissatisfied with your grade on the Moodle Practice assignment last week, you may turn in the same paper with corrections made.  You might not receive full credit, but I will add a couple points to your original score. Refer to the assignment listed below for due dates and information.  

    • Week 5: September 26 - September 30

      Happy Homecoming!  We will continue to talk about Beowulf this week. We will hopefully wrap up Part II on Thursday and begin reviewing for the Beowulf test, scheduled for Tuesday, October 2nd.  

      Students will have a quiz over Unit 2 vocabulary on Thursday, September 29th (due to Homecoming schedule).  It is important for students to study vocabulary outside of class in order to be successful.  Please use the resources posted in Week 3.  

      Reminder:  Project Proposals are due on Wednesday, October 5th.  The guidelines for this assignment are listed in the Independent Reading Project document folder, but if you would like to see examples, please ask Ms. Schmit to see the Proposal Binder.  

      I have also posted the first Critical Response submission folder.  If you have completed the assignment, please submit the assignment in the Critical Response #1 Drop Box (listed under Week 8).  Students were given prompts before reading Beowulf; typically, students will have more options over what they can write about, but by the due date, we will have only completely covered Beowulf.  We will have a couple workshop days before the due date, but if students would like to get started on the assignment, I strongly encourage them to do so. Students should refer to the guiding questions they wrote down in Daily Notes prior to reading Beowulf.  If they would like to respond to a different prompt, they are more than welcome to do so.  Please see Ms. Schmit if you have any questions.  

    • Week 6: October 3 - October 7

      This week we will begin to wrap up Beowulf.  I have attached notes on Parts I and II below.  I have also included a writing opportunity for the Critical Response assignment.  Again, students do not have to write on these topics, but the response is due on October 20th, so they are strongly encouraged to begin working on their response.  We will have a test next Tuesday on Beowulf; we will begin to review for the test on Thursday, October 6th.  

      Students will be assigned Unit 3 of their vocabulary workbooks.  This assignment will be due on Monday, October 10th.  

    • Week 7: October 10 - October 14

      On Monday, students will continue to talk about archetypes; archetypes can be repeated characters, situations, images, symbols, themes, or ideas across many pieces of literature and film.  We will also begin to review for the Beowulf test, scheduled for Wednesday, October 12th; the review handout for the test is posted in Week 6, but I will also hand out this sheet on Monday, October 10th.  

      On Thursday, students will get time to work on their Critical Response--due on October 21st by 11:55 (I had it previously scheduled for October 20th because students do not have school on Friday, but I changed it back because I would like to keep all due dates on Fridays). Students should come in to class on Thursday having a pretty good understanding of what they're going to write about.  I will be there to guide them, but I would like to see them produce a thesis statement before or during this class time.  The Critical Response assignment folder is up under Week 8.  

      Students have a vocabulary quiz over Unit 3 on Friday.  Immediate following completion of the quiz, students will be assigned the review for Units 1-3.  They will have a test over the first three units on Thursday, October 20th.  

      • Week 8: October 17 - October 21

        Students will have the opportunity to have work time on Monday, October 17th for Cornell Quotes assignment or Critical Response.

        Students will have the opportunity to retake the Beowulf test between Monday, October 24th and Monday, October 31st.  If students are interested in this option, they must set up a time to retake outside of class.  Students should review the same concepts listed on the test review.  The test with cover the same concepts.  However, the questions may vary slightly.  The two scores will be averaged together for the overall score of the test.  Please see Ms. Schmit if the retake interests you.  

        Listed below is the submission folder for Critical Response #1.  Before you submit your document, make sure it is correctly formatted and named. For example:  Schmit_Oct21 (last name_due date).  

      • Week 9: October 24 - October 28

        On Monday, students will receive feedback on their Cornell Quotes assignment they handed in last week.  Students should make note of ways they could improve upon this assignment in the future.  

        This week, students will be introduced to the Middle Ages in England.  We will read the introduction section as a class and take notes as we read (notes will be posted below for any student who is absent during this time).  Students should really focus on the function of the Feudal System during this time period.  Students will then discuss background information to the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.  

        Students will take the Vocabulary Units 1-3 Test on Friday, October 28th.  Students should review and study these words outside of class in order to be successful.  If time allows, students will review Critical Response feedback on Friday as well.  

      • Week 10: October 31 - November 4

        The quarter ends on Friday, November 4th.  

        Final projects are due on Thursday, November 3rd.  It is extremely important to get these projects in on time as they will be on the first quarter grade report.  Students will receive work time for projects on Tuesday, November 1st.  

        Students will read "The Pardoner's Tale" this week.  Students should pay attention to how irony is used in the story, as well as other themes that may come into play.  We will work into reading "The Wife of Bath's Tale" next week.  

        Students will be introduce to Unit 4 of the vocabulary workbooks.  Vocabulary pages are due on Monday, November 7th.  

        • Week 11: November 7 - November 11

          Students will wrap up "The Pardoner's Tale" and begin reading "The Wife of Bath's Tale."  Students will then discuss similarities in the tales, as well as differences.  Students will receive a test review for Unit 2:  The Middle Ages on Thursday, November 10th.  Students will have time to review the guide before the in-class review on Monday, November 14th.  Students should expect the test on Wednesday, November 16th.   

          There will be a quiz over Unit 4 this week.  Note that students will take the quiz on Thursday instead of Friday.  

          The assignment folder for Quarter 2 Project Proposal has been posted under Week 16.  Please submit a correctly formatted and saved document by 11:55 pm on December 16th.  

        • Week 12: November 14 - November 18

          This week, students will finish up "The Wife of Bath's Tale," and begin reviewing test materials.  The Middle Ages Test is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th.  Students interested in extra study time may come to Ms. Schmit's room during resource time on Monday and Tuesday.  Students will then get started with Renaissance period (introduction materials before we read Macbeth).  

          Students should be thinking about what they want to write about for the Dec. 2nd Critical Response deadline. Posted below are several prompts if students are having trouble generating ideas.  The Dec. 2nd Critical Response assignment has been posted under Week 14. Please remember the assignment is due by 11:55 pm on the posted date.  Deadlines will be strictly followed for this particular assignment (the deadlines for the first Critical Response were a bit more lax).  

        • Week 13: November 21 - November 22

          Students will have work time on Monday, November 21 for their Critical Response assignment, which is due by midnight on December 2nd.  On Tuesday, students will take the Risk Behaviors Survey, which is administered by the school district down in the Computer Lab.  If parents wish to opt their child out of the survey, they must return the permission slip by Tuesday, November 22 (the morning of the survey).  

          Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  

          • Week 14: November 28 - December 2

            Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break.  I have posted the notes we will be discussing in class on November 28th.  Feel free to bring the notes to class and add to them as we read the introduction materials.  

            This week, we will take a look at background materials required for an enriched understanding of Macbeth, the play we will be reading for the next month.  We will hopefully finish the play before winter break, but we may need to do some wrapping up when we return to school in January. I am very excited for you all to read Macbeth, for it is a personal favorite.  After Macbeth, we will get started on review materials for the ACT, set for the end of February.  

            Students will be introduced to the vocabulary in Unit 5 on Friday, December 2.  The workbook pages for this unit (pg. 65-69) are due on Monday, December 5.  

            The assignment folder for Critical Response #2 is posted below.  Please format and name assignment correctly.  This assignment is due by 11:55 pm on December 2nd.  Ms. Schmit will be strict about this deadline.  

          • Week 15: December 5 - December 9

            We will begin to read Macbeth this week.  Students will begin Act I on Monday after receiving and talking about the play's character map (I have posted a map similar to the one will talk about in Week 14).  Ideally, we will finish Act I by Wednesday.  On Thursday, students will take a quiz over Act I. I have posted the quiz review below.

            Studying plays can sometimes be difficult, because they weren't necessarily meant to be read; they were meant to be performed.  For this reason, I have posted the film version of Macbeth that we will view after the discussion of particular scenes.  This version of Macbeth may be found on YouTube.

            On Friday, students will take the vocabulary quiz for Unit 5.  After the quiz, we will then go through vocabulary for Unit 6.  The vocabulary pages for this unit are due on Monday, December 5.  

          • Week 16: December 12 - December 16

            This week, students will be introduced to Unit 6 vocabulary.  On Friday, they will take a quiz over the unit.  

            We will continue on with Act II of Macbeth.  We may or may not have time to view the film version, but if this helps with comprehension of the text, please take the time to watch some of it on your own.  I have posted the link to the film (which is on YouTube) in Week 15.  Students will take a quiz over Act II on Thursday, December 15; the study guide for that quiz is posted below.  

            The Quarter 2 Project Proposal folder is posted below.  Please submit a correctly saved and formatted document by 11:55 pm on December 16th.  

          • Week 17: December 19 - December 23

            Students will continue to work through Macbeth.  Students should expect a quiz over Act III on Wednesday right after completion of Scene 6.  The review for the quiz will be posted by Monday, December 19.  


            There will be a test over vocabulary units 4-6 on Thursday, December 22.  We will then go over feedback on the Critical Response assignment.  Please look through the comments and feedback provided in order to understand your score.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come see me during Resource time. 

            There will be no classes Friday, as there are holiday festivities planned.  

          • Week 18: January 3 - January 6

            Students will begin reading Act IV of Macbeth.  There has been a slight change of plan for finals week; students will use the final reading project as the final exam.  We will finish up Macbeth the week after finals.  Pay attention to upcoming due dates, posted below.  

            • Cornell Quotes due by Friday, January 6th 
            • Book Talks due by Friday, January 13th 
            • Final projects due by final exam date (7th Hour will present on Wednesday, while 8th hour will present on Tuesday).  

            Following the completion of Macbeth, students will begin preparation for the ACT, which is scheduled for the end of February.  

            • Week 19: January 9 - January 13

              Students will continue to work through Macbeth; we will finish up Act IV this week and take a quiz on Wednesday, January 11th.  We will also continue to work our way through the Book Talk assignment, which should be completed by Friday, January 13th.  

            • Week 20: January 16 - January 20

              Students will have work time for their final projects on Monday.  If students have completed the final project, they may use Monday to study for other finals. 7th Hour students will present on Tuesday, January 17th, while 8th Hour students will present on Wednesday, January 18th.  After students are finished presenting, they are encouraged to prepare for other finals.  

              • Week 21: January 23 - January 27

                Students will work with Unit 7 vocabulary from the workbook this week.  There will be a quiz over the vocabulary on Friday, January 27.  

                We will continue to work through Macbeth throughout the week.  Students will finish up the play on Thursday.  

                • Week 22: January 30 - February 3

                  Students will work with vocabulary from Unit 8 on Tuesday, January 31 (students have a practice ACT on Monday).  There will be a quiz over the vocabulary on Friday, February 3.  

                  There will be a Macbeth Test on Thursday, February 2.  This will be an essay test, so students should revisit major themes, motifs, character changes, etc. that we have discussed throughout the play.  

                  • Week 23: February 6 - February 10

                    Students will work with vocabulary from Unit 9 this week.  There will be a quiz on Thursday over the unit (students do not have school on Friday).  

                    We will begin to cover material students will see on the ACT, primarily the grammar/usage areas students may struggle with.  

                    • Week 24: February 13 - February 17

                      Students will primarily work on ACT prep materials this week.  They will be given some grammar/usage instruction and practice, as well as a practice writing prompt.  

                      There will be a test over Units 7 - 9 vocabulary on Friday, February 17.  

                      • Week 25: February 20 - February 24

                        Students will continue to work with ACT prep materials.  There will be a timed practice write on Thursday, February 23.  For additional help on the ACT writing portion, visit the link provided below.  Ms. Schmit has has an updated ACT prep guide that outlines the new format of the writing portion.  Please study these materials carefully, as this type of writing is slightly different than the types of writing you have practiced.   

                        Unit 10 of the vocabulary workbook will be introduced--there will be a quiz over the words on Friday, February 24.  

                        Project Proposals for the 3rd Quarter are due by Friday, February 24 at 11:55 pm.  Please see the folder below for further instructions.  

                      • Week 26: February 27 - March 3

                        Students will take the Unit 10 quiz (originally scheduled for Friday, February 24) on Monday, February 27.  

                        ACT testing is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, so students will have work / free time once they return to class on those days.  

                        Students will view Freedom Writers, an inspirational film about a group of students who are able to find their voices through writing.  Students should pay attention to the messages/themes conveyed throughout the film and make connections to their own experiences.  

                        • Week 27: March 6 - March 10

                          Students will be introduced to vocabulary from Unit 11 on Monday.  

                          We will begin to work with the Romantic period of literature--beginning with William Blake.  The Romantic era of literature was a response to the cultural and economic changes occurring in England during the Industrial Revolution.  Romantic writers focused on intuition, childhood, and nature in their works--they "romanticized" a time when life was simple.  

                          Attached are the notes from class.  Please refer to these notes if you missed class; we will refer to them frequently as we make our way through this literature.  

                        • March 28: March 13 - March 17

                          Students will primarily work with William Wordsworth poetry this week.  They should be focusing on how "Tintern Abbey" emulates important Romantic characteristics.  

                          There will be a work day for final projects on Friday, March 17.  Students should bring all necessary materials to class.  

                          • Week 29: March 19 - March 24

                            Students will be introduced to Persuasive Essay assignment this week.  Documents for this assignment are in the folder provided below.  

                            There will be another work day for final projects on Thursday, March 23rd.  Students will present their projects on Friday, March 24.  

                            • Week 30: March 27 - March 31

                              Unit 12 vocabulary will be introduced on Monday, March 27.  There will be a quiz over the words on Friday, March 31.  

                              Students should have persuasive essay topic approved before beginning to research the assignment on Tuesday, March 28.  Students will have ample class time to research their topics.  Annotated Bibliographies will be due next week.  See assignment documents for Bibliography information.  

                              • Week 31: April 3 - April 7

                                Students should continue to work on Annotated Bibliographies on Monday and Tuesday.  As students finish this process, they may begin working on outlining their persuasive papers.  

                                The folder for Annotated Bibliographies is located below.  Please remember to save and format document properly.  Review the sample bibliography before uploading.  

                              • Week 32: April 10 - April 13

                                Students should be working on outlines for the persuasive essay assignment.  Outlines are due by the end of class on Wednesday, April 12.  

                                Once students have finished outlines, they should move onto the next stage--the first draft.  First drafts will be due by Friday, 21st, but can be turned in beforehand.  

                                • Week 33: April 18 - April 21

                                  Vocabulary from Unit 13 will be introduced on Tuesday, April 18th.  There will be a quiz over the vocabulary on Friday, April 21st.  

                                  Students should continue to work on Persuasive Essay assignment.  

                                  • Week 34: April 24 - April 28

                                    Students will be introduced to Unit 14 in the vocabulary workbooks.  There will be a quiz over the vocabulary on Thursday, April 27th.  

                                    Students should finish up Persuasive Essay first drafts by Wednesday, April 26th.  

                                    • Week 35: May 1 - May 5

                                      Students will be introduced to Unit 15 of the vocabulary workbooks (the last unit).  There will be a quiz over Unit 15 on Friday, May 5th.  

                                      Persuasive Essay final drafts are due on Friday, May 5 by 11:55 pm.  Files should be properly saved and formatted--please see further information in the assignment folder.  

                                      Project proposals for 4th quarter are due on Friday, May 5 by 11:55 pm.  Files should be properly saved and formatted.  Please remember to check Moodle after submitting document to see feedback and comments.  This is important, as it will notify you if your project has been approved.  

                                      If you have submitted a project proposal and there is a zero in Skyward for that assignment, it either means you're missing something or your project has not been approved.  

                                    • Week 36: May 8 - May 12

                                      Students will work with writers from modern time period.  

                                      Reminder:  students have a vocabulary test over units 13-15 on Friday, May 12th.  The persuasive essay due date has also been extended until Friday, May 12th.  You will find the submission folder for this assignment below.