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    Welcome to CESA 10's

    Assistive Technology Page

    We hope the information provided on this web page will assist you with your AT needs. Please check back often for upcoming events and courses that CESA 10 will be sponsoring.

    • Topic 1

      Future Workshops and Courses

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    • Topic 2

      AT Learning Modules

      Click on the area of interest below and it will take you to a page that has each topic covered in the learning module. At this moment in time there is a limited number of learning modules. Be patient...there will be more to come!

    • Topic 3

      Technology and Transition

      Creative ways to incorporate technology and increase independence of students' transitional skills.

    • Topic 4

      Examples of Switch Use

      Video of switch use in creative ways to include children with mobility and access to activities.

    • Bookshare for Bruce

      Videos on how they access bookshare.