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    art dance8TH GRADE ARTart dance

     color theory frida color theory

      photo reflection photo reflection photo reflection photo reflection

    4 hands  shoe drawing 
    Unity poster  pop cubism anna chalk drawing 
    I am portrait

      Students in Art 8 will improve in their artistic ability to draw and paint as we focus on using our RIGHT brains! Beginning with pencil drawing, we focus on the use of contour line and value. We then make our way to the medium of paint, specifically watercolor and tempera. Students learn to draw from a grid, and they paint in the style of Pop Art and Cubism. Students also master the art of chalk pastels, and they study color theory in a group art history project. Lastly, students create baskets using rope and yarn!

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      7th grade art

      perspective  scratch art 
      machine head  tessellations   machine head 

      Students in grade 7 will learn many technical skills in a few design projects.  1-point perspective is the big unit, whereby students create their names 3-dimensionally. Students also learn how to do tessellations, as they translate, rotate, or reflect their creations. Scratch art projects are great fun as we learn to create values using lines. We also complete profiles of our faces in a project called "Machine Heads." Clay Chinese Dragons are a blast to make, using the slab-building technique!

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      art is fun  6th

      Art Mural

       6th grade  king tut  

      painted bisque  6th grade  6th grade

         masks  oil pastel with snowflakes  masks

      6th grade art marks the shift from basic skills towards fine art techniques, as we try to combine these skills with creative thinking. We explore the media of oil pastel, paint, and clay. We create different a fun collaborative mural using patterns and warm/cool color schemes. We also study Egyptian art and Tutankhamun (King Tut)! Surrealist collages and clay masks top off the fun in art class!