Ancient Egypt Research Project

Project Description:

In chapter 3, we are studying the culture and different time periods of Ancient Egypt. In class, we will read about some of the most famous pharaohs and their accomplishments in each of these periods. Obviously we do not have the time to study every pharaoh in Ancient Egypt since there were over 300 of them! However, each has a unique story and their rise to power and their achievements had a great impact on Ancient Egypt. 

You are going to be completing a project that will provide detailed information on one of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt in a creative way. 

It is okay to use your textbook as a guide; however, the purpose of this assignment is for you to dig deeper beyond the basic ideas presented in class. Your project will be graded according to the following guidelines (see the rubric for specific point values): 

1. Creativity

2. Grammar/Spelling

3. Information

  • Length of reign & how he/she received their rule
  • Family relationships (parents, spouse(s), children, extended family, etc.)
  • Accomplishments
  • Architecture he/she built
  • Additional fun facts

4. Format