Discussion Questions for Human Inheritance Lab

After viewing the results of the lab answer the following questions. You should cut and paste them into a word document and then reupload them.


What is the ratio of tongue rollers to non-tongue rollers in the class?  What is the frequency (%) of tongue rollers in the class?


What is the ratio of people with longer big toes to people with shorter big toes in the class? 


What is the probability of having both of these traits (tongue-rolling and dimples)?  To determine this, multiply the percent of tongue rollers times the percent of those with dimples.  Remember you cannot multiply %…you must make it a decimal first.  This will give you the percent frequency of someone having both traits.


Based on the results of the survey what do you think is the dominant form of each trait? What assumption did you make about the results to help you decide?

If you return to the questionairre results you will notice that a response is starred for each trait. That is the dominant version. Did you pick the correct form as dominant for each trait? Was your assumption correct? Is the dominant always the one that shows most in a population?