People in History

Find out about famous people in our history


Benjamin Franklin
Useful information and interactive communication tools to help busy parents help their children succeed. Includes quizzes, polls, discussion groups and articles on parenting and education subjects.

Benjamin Franklin
Combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and several up-to-the minute almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and historical records, Information Please places the resources of an entire reference information center at your fingertips.

Liberty Kids

Thomas Jefferson
Find out about our third president and author of the Declaration of Independence

Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Check out all the men who signed

Betsy Ross
Find out about Betsy Ross and take a virtual tour of her house.

Betsy Ross--You'll want headphones!
Info on Betsy with music plus click on next and find out about Francis Scott Key and more flag information and songs

Find information on your favorite president

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