These links are for your Road Rules Project documents and directions. Make sure that you SAVE all information as you work on it! Due by November 6th

Road Rules Directions. Read these before you work on anything or check back for understanding.

Road Rules Route Proposal Sheet- Use this to document your travels from location to location. Follow the sample given. When you start writing you can delete the sample work.

Trip Statistics- You need to document how many miles you travel from location to location by completing this worksheet.

Dinner Menu- Follow the Sample directions in this link to create your own dinner menu.

POSTCARDS- no link but follow directions on the Road Rules Direction link.

Human Environment Interaction News Summary-  Find an article from any continent other than North America that relates to how human affect the environment.  Summarize the article in the proper format.

Rubric- This is the sheet that Mr. Knapmiller will fill out when grading your project.

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