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Social Studies

The fifth grade Social Studies curriculum is an introduction to early American history. The theme “Conflict and Resolution” is explored through each unit of study. Students learn about major historical eras from the Age of Exploration to the Civil War. In addition to basic geography and map skills, the concept of the U.S.A. as a multicultural nation will be taught at the beginning of the year and reinforced throughout each unit. The History Alive! program is an integral part of the curriculum.

Social Studies Units Include:

                1. Geography and Map Skills

                2. Multiculturalism and Pluralism

    3. Exploration

    4. Colonization

    5. The American Revolution

                6. The Westward Movement                                                                

    7. The Civil War

Social Studies Assessment:

                1. Class Activities and Projects

    2. Cooperative Group Work

    3. Class Participation

    4. Completion of Homework

    5. Quizzes (sometimes unannounced)

    6. Chapter Tests (announced)

Students will create study guides in class and are also encouraged to utilize the History Alive! website to review content before each chapter test.

History Alive! Chapter Tutorials
Use the following web site to review the information in each chapter of History Alive!:
Map Skills
Test your knowledge of U.S States; Scroll down to practice locating points on the earth using lattitude and longitude:
With this MAPTECH tool you can pinpoint the actual latitude and longitude of Deibler, your house, Disney World, or something more historical like a national monument or a waterfall in a national park:
Play a game to identify continents and oceans:
A Geography game that tickles your mind and feeds it with useful information as well.
Viking Research
The Viking Network:
NOVA Online:
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
Kids Info on Explorers:
Explorers of the Americas:
Information and activities on explorers:
Find the Sunken Treasure:
Columbus Biography:
Web Hunt: Christopher Columbus
America's Story: Colonization
A History of Jamestown and videos:
Captian John Smith Adventure:
Go On a Jamestown Adventure:
Take a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation:
Colonial Williamsburg - History for Kids
American Revolution & Valley Forge Encampment
Research an Early American Patriot:
username: wbpsd
password: pennridge
Explore George Washinton's home - Mount Vernon - and learn about his world:
Washington Crossing December 25th Reenactment Information:
Explore Emmanuel Leutze's Washington Crossing the Delaware Painting:
Ben Franklin Cyberhunt:
America's Story: Revolutionary Period:
American Revolution Timeline:
Liberty Kids;
Timeline and Websites for Research of Early American History:
Creating the Declaration of Independence:
The Declaration of Independence: Rewriting the Rough Draft
Constitution Day Find out which Founding Father you are most like and more about the Constitution:
Founding Fathers Biographies:
Learn More About the Constitution (for Kids):
Fun Facts and Activities for Kids and Adults:
Complete and Print Out A Challenging Preamble Crytogram Here:
Westward Movement/Pioneers
The War of 1812 Webquest:
Introduction to Pioneers:
Pioneers West Medicinal Remedies:
The Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail Interactive Map
Oregon Trail Think Quest/Background Information
Emigrant Road Adventure:
Westward Ho! Cyber Hunt:
Civil War
Civil War Biographies:
Civil War General Biographies:
Civil War for Fifth Graders
Social Studies for Kids ~ Civil War
Civil War research Website:
American Civil War Maps and Timeline:
Gettysburg Address Online Exhibit at the Library of Congress:
National Patriotic Holidays
Flag Day Webquest:
The League of Women Voters (information on all the candidates for public office):
Play the Presidential Executive Command Game:
Family Fun
This site will show you how to make a family constitution:
White House for Kids:
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